The great Richard Petty has opened a real can of worms when he came out and said that Danica Patrick could only win a NASCAR race "if everyone else stayed home." Wow, quite a comment from a famous race car driver who is now in his seventies.  His comments has caused quite a controversy in the NASCAR circles (so to speak).

Petty's comment caused Tony Stewart to support Patrick by offering Petty one of his cars and challenged him to race Patrick one on one. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a big fan of watching NASCAR races on TV, but this would be one I would watch.

Why Petty made his comment is beyond me. He has nothing to gain by those words except criticism which he is getting.

So my question to you NASCAR fans, and you know who you are, is Danica Patrick out of her league or can she hold her own against the boys behind the wheel?

Joe Readle, Getty Images