Just some random thoughts as we head into the fall season.

Track and Field, womens golf,football, soccer. All kinds of local fall sports to get into.

I love fall.

I love the smell of burning leaves, but you can't burn them in the city. Don't burn anything outside right now.

Elton John is mad at Madonna. Lady Gaga has new music coming out soon.

Quincy University is thinking about putting sprinklers in all the dorm rooms. That would be very good.

What is your favorite 1970's song? 'Celebration?' 'We Are Family?' Remember when KISS came on the scene in 1974, or was it 1976?

What restaurant would you like to see in Quincy. Everybody says Red Lobster.

Have you won with Y101 Rewards, yet?

What is your favorite song on Y101 right now?

Like I said, I just had some random thoughts. I'm sure I will have more.

Feel free to coment on any of my thoughts.