Quincy and area residents are known for their generosity. When one of their own needs help the people will rally around that person and do what it takes.

It's time to put the rally caps on once again.

Callie Frese, age 5, the daughter of Andy and Crissy Frese of Quincy, has cerebral palsy. She is in need of a service dog to help with lots of things -- helping to guide her wheelchair, pick up anything she may have dropped, providing comfort and a calming sense for the child, etc. But there is one thing the guide dog can do that is invaluable: it can sense seizure activity in Callie before it happens. This advance notice will help give the family or caregiver valuable time to prepare medicine needed immediately following a seizure and give time to ensure Callie is in a safe position and as comfortable as possible during and after the seizure.

As you might imagine, the cost for a service dog of this type can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars. That's where the community comes in.

A fundraiser is being planned at the Knights of Columbus on S. 36th in Quincy on Saturday, Nov. 16, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. There will be a garage sale, gun raffle, and much more. Air Evac will be on hand as well. As that event gets closer, we will have many more details and updated information to share.

For now, the most important part of making this a huge success relies in donations from generous individuals and businesses -- and lots of them. Quincy has rallied before and it will rally again. Now is the time to step up to the plate to help make a better life for one of our own.

To make a donation or find out more information, please call Crissy Frese at 217-617-2475.