People are always coming up to me and asking me "how's the radio business doing?". My response is always the same, doing great. Albeit, there are some months things are slower than others and then there are the other times when things are great. I also get asked if radio is fading away due to all of the competition. Sure it is a competitive market but a recent document released by USA Touch Points Research revealed what I have always believed that a major portion of listening is done through FM and AM radio. According to the report 69% of listening is through AM and FM radio. MP3 players are at 11% followed by Sirius XM Radio with only 9% and CD Players at 6% daily. Sirius has its place but Americans are just not ready to pay for service that they can get for free and I am not sure they ever will. Plus, I would like to know that a tornado is coming down my street rather than be hearing my favorite song being played on satellite radio. I suspect, MP3 Players will move up the list in the years ahead but radio will always be the most viable listening device for people to tune into.