I got my September 24th edition of Time Magazine yesterday and I started to read it.  When I got to page six I saw an editorial on the "Inbox" page that grabbed my attention.   It was written by Douglas B. Smith of Quincy, Illinois. It was the Quincy, Illinois part that caught my eye.Mr. Smith was commenting on a September article written by Michael Grunwald entitled "One Nation Subsidized".  For years I have thought about writing an editorial to Time Magazine but figured it would just get lost in the hundreds that they get every week and it would never make the page.

Having seen Mr. Smith's editorial my interest has peeked although since I have a criticism of Time Magazine they might never print it.  That criticism is they abbreviated Illinois and listed it as "ILL."  The correct abbreviation for Illinois is "IL." with one L not two LL's.  I still might send one anyway!