Recently, I took a little heat for my idea of building a canal to connect the Illinois River to the Mississippi River from Meredosia to Quincy.  Most people think it’s a crazy idea.  I don’t. I still feel the economic impact of a canal would be significant for river, train and truck transportation of goods in and out of Quincy and would make Quincy the site of a Port Authority. Well, enough on that for now.  I am not giving up on the idea.

Recently, I heard Holly Cain, the Executive Director of the Visitors and Convention Bureau. During her talk, she mentioned her desire to see the City of Quincy invest in a fortified docking area on the riverfront that could accommodate larger vessels, some of which would carry passengers who in turn would become tourists in the city.

This is an idea I had hoped would have happened some 10 years ago. Imagine having the Mississippi Queen and other like vessels making regular stops, not only in Hannibal, but also in Quincy? It’s an economic boost the downtown area and the city, as a whole, would benefit from for sure.

I totally agree with Holly, it’s something the city should take a good hard look at. And that’s the way I see it!