Quincy, Illinois has gone mural mad and they are starting to pop up everywhere! With the Midsummer Arts Faire taking place in Washington Park this weekend, there is all kinds of food, fun and, of course, art. And it is all great to see, but I see a trend coming to Quincy that should be very good. They are called murals and they are getting a lot of attention.

Kurt Parsons

I am sure you have seen the large one across from Washington Park, and there is one located at 8th and Jefferson. And a new one going up at 115 North 5th Street in Quincy.

Public art is something I have not seen in Quincy. Yes, you see the billboards and maybe a beer sign on a brick building now and then, but none as colorful and creative like the ones going up now.

I hope the trend continues. Nothing gawdy, but tasteful. What do you think?