The Emerald Ash Borer insect has raised its ugly head in Quincy and the City of Quincy has it's hands full in fighting the infestation.  The insect burrows in the Ash tree and feeds off of the inner bark of the tree until it eventually kills it. In an effort to combat the invasion, the City of Quincy has contracted with "Trees R Us, Inc." to treat some 180 plus local Ash trees in the City limits.  The trees designated for treatment were determined by the City Tree Commission.

The treatment will commence today (May 31) and conclude on Friday (June 2). There will be a two-man crew working various Quincy neighborhoods wearing highly visible shirts and driving a vehicle marked with a "Trees R Us" logo in it.

Should you have any questions concerning the treatment of these trees  contact the Quincy Planning & Development Department at 228-4515.