It looks like the "heat" just got turned up today between City Hall and the Fire Department in Quincy.  In my mailbox today came a large postcard (see above) filled with information as to why the City of Quincy should NOT closed down one of its fire stations.  

With it came a request to contact your city council representatives to express your concern for the potential of closing one of the stations.

Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning confirmed earlier this week that temporary “brownouts” at some of Quincy’s fire stations will start June 1. This is all a result of the two sides, the City Council and Firefighter's Union Local 63, not being able to to come to terms on a new contract.

The fire station most likely to be "temporarily "closed down is Fire Station #6 at 24th and Cedar in Quincy. Their primary coverage area includes Wards 2, 3 and 4.

Henning said the brownouts would go into effect if the QFD’s man-power drops below 16 personnel on a given day instead of using overtime to man that station.  Henning's big concern is response time which the postcard covers quite extensively.  Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore's concern is that the City doesn't have the money in it's budget.

Where this is all heading is any man's guess but it looks like the firefighter's have taken their case to a new level.  Look for City Hall to respond in some way shape or form. This argument may turn into a two or three alarm "fire" fight before it is all over.