As I write this, the Dogwood festivities have concluded for another year here in Quincy. It was a great weekend with family and friends. And of course, the weather was excellent so the streets were full with people watching the parade. There are many people who work extra hard to make sure we have a great time during Dogwood. One of those people is our friend Amy Looten who is the Executive Director for the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce. Amy and the chamber have worked hard in our community to help our region grow and work together. Businesses working together to make Quincy and the area prosper. And they just don't put on the Dogwood festivities. The Chamber works hard to bring commerce to our area. They are involved in the community to make business stronger so we all prosper. Thank You Amy and all your staff for what you do. I know sometimes it is not easy, but you get the job done. A stronger business community helps us all.