The Quincy High School Wrestling Team is so much fun to watch.

I have not been to a high school wrestling match for years. But the QHS and Ft. Madison, Iowa wrestling teams gave us a great night of entertainment last night at Quincy Senior High School, and the place was packed with fans from both teams.

Why was I there? Our daughter (Racheal) dates one of the wrestlers (Connor). And I am very glad we went. If you want nothing but action, these young men take it to the max. You never know what is going to happen. Two young men on the mat, giving it all they have. One move to another, there is not a dull moment.

Quincy High won the match but the guys from Ft. Madison are a very good team that will go far this year. And make sure you watch the Ref. He is going non stop, watching every move to see who gets the points. He is working just as hard as the guys are.

The next match for QHS is Saturday, December 8 in Bloomington. Good luck QHS!