In my usual reading to prepare for today's show I came across a story that caught my eye. It was a local story from Hannibal. The ongoing story deals with a Pitbull in Hannibal that has forced the Postal Service to discontinue mail delivery to the 5000 block of College Avenue because according to the Postal Service the dog in question poses a threat to the mail carrier.

The owner has moved the dog to another residence and now the Postal Service has refused to deliver the mail to that area as well. The Postal Service has notified those residents that their mail will not be delivered because of the threat produced by the dog's presence. What I found humorous in all this is that those residents were notified by mail. So someone had to deliver those letters in the "danger zone". Are we serious here?

I must admit delivering the discontinuance of mail delivery letter to that area made me chuckle. What postal worker drew the short straw and had to make that delivery?