It was back in February when word came down that a number of employees at the Quincy Mail Processing and Distribution Center were notified that they will lose their jobs as part of a nationwide consolidation of postal operations. A U.S. Postal Service Spokeswoman said that much of the Quincy Center's processing and distribution will be folded in to the Columbia, Missouri Operations. There are a total 157 employees in all postal operations throughout Quincy. There are 55 positions in the processing plant and the initial thought was that about ten employees would be losing their jobs because of this move. The U.S. Postal Service is expected to lose a record $14.1 billion this year as increased Internet use reduces mail volume, according to the Associated Press. The cost of stamps has continuously increased over the years to the point that I am not sure just what a stamp costs today. I believe it is 44 cents. I took advantage of the opportunity to purchase a large roll of “forever” stamps at a lower cost than today’s stamps and I still have some of them. I am still amazed that there is still a Saturday delivery. I would think it would save the Postal service a great deal of money if they cut out one day a week. Saturday to me seemed to be the best day. When this conversation came up a few years ago they actually were thinking that Tuesday would be better. The Postal Service did a survey and apparently Tuesday was the least used mailing day of the work week. I was surprised to hear that. Even with the information, I still feel that Saturday should be a shut down day for deliveries but I would leave the Post Office windows open from 8 to noon on Saturdays. It’s apparent that the explosion of e-mails, texting and the internet have had a huge affect on the Postal Service. I for one would hate to not have mail delivered to my home. I look forward every mailing day to see what might be in my mail box. Usually, it’s ads or bills but occasionally there is that card or letter that makes you wonder who actually took the time to write me and then there is the feeling of I can’t wait to open it. I am sure you feel the same when you get a letter as well. Today marks the 218th anniversary of the establishment of the United States Postal Service…May 8, 1794. Gee, if they would have offered the "forever" stamp then, I could mail a letter for a penny but then again they would have been out of business a long time ago and nobody wants that to happen. Not me for sure. I have to go check my mailbox now to see if anyone took the time to write me. If not, I'll write them instead.