The Quincy Police Department participated in a STEP Traffic Enforcement detail as part of a grant provided through the Illinois Department of Transportation.  This detail took place between May 11th and May 28th.  During this time period 132 citations were issued.  During this 18 day time period 27 citations were issued for failure to wear a seat belt.  It amazes me that some people do not buckle up when they drive a car especially when statistics for years have shown that they save lives when involved in an accident. So last month 27 drivers were spotted by the Q.P.D. but how many more are driving around without fastening their seat belt?  When the law came out several years ago in Illinois I was most vocal about the State trying to control my life. I did not want them to tell me I had to wear the belt. I wore it any way. I just didn't want big-brother controlling me. I don't think about it now, I just buckle it up because I feel safer doing so. And that's my choice even if the State says I have to.