Having witnessed parents in action in the last few days at Gus Macker, it came as no surprise to hear of parents yelling out "colorful" words during the recent Quincy Senior High School Graduation Ceremony.

How bad is it when the 6 year old court at Gus Macker had to have extra security police near it because of a parent's action and comments.  Then for people to be so rude as to yell out comments during graduation ceremonies that would be construed as beyond borderline while names of High School graduates are being mentioned over the public address system is uncalled for. What kind of example are you making for the youth of tomorrow.  I'm not a prude.  I've heard and have used a few words myself but not in a public forum for all to hear.  My God, make that student of yours proud and not embarrassed by your actions. It's time for parents to set the example and not be the example of what not to be when they go up.