Ok , if you have been a regular reader of my blogs, you know I can come up with some wild thoughts about things.  As I was watching the closing ceremonies for the Olympics in London, England , I was thinking about just how fast things went. It seemed like they just got started and now they are over. It made me wonder about the brand new venues that were built in London and just what will they do with those facilities?  Millions of dollars were spent to build those facilities and they were used for only two weeks. Makes you wonder if it is all worth it.  Just thinking out loud here (actually writing it down) but why not hold the Olympic Games in the same locations. Greece would be the idea place for the Summer Games and Switzerland for the winter games.  The facilities would be there for years to come.  The expense of building venues would go away and when you get right down to it does it really matter what building or city they compete in? Once the games begin, they could be running at Flinn Stadium for all they care. They only want to cross the finish line first. Think about the millions of dollars needed to pull off the Winter Olympics in Russia in two years and in Brazil in 2016.  Remember, Chicago was in the running for the Olympics and lost out.  Might have been the best for all it didn't happen.  The State of Illinois has no money and all Illinoisans would be paying for that for years had it happened in the Windy City. It just makes sense to me to hold it in the same place. What do you think?