Earlier this week the Quincy Police Department and the Adams County Sheriff's Department displayed an online program that will enable citizens to track crime in their immediate area. It's called RAIDS Online and it will display where crime has occurred on a map that you can call up on your computer or mobile device.

Criminal activity will automatically be updated to show the location of that particular crime.  Residents can sign up for a criminal activity report either daily, weekly or monthly.  These reports will not be provided in "real-time" but will be updated quickly.

The benefit of the "RAIDS Online" program is that it will provide people and the police with an opportunity to see crime patterns in selected areas.  So if your son or daughter is visiting a friend in another part of the city or county you, as a parent, can check to see what kind of area they will be in.

To sign up for the reports just go to www.RAIDSonline.com.