The picture says it all. On April 27th, former major leaguer Bill Skowron passed away at the age of 81. The "Moose" as he was known played for several teams including the Washington Senators, The Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees. The picture shows the Yankees giving "The Moose" a moment of silence prior to their game last Friday night at Yankee Stadium. He most recently worked for the Chicago White Sox in public relations and it was while he was with them that I got the opportunity to meet Bill. I got to meet him along with former major leaguer Hank Bauer, a teammate of Bills with the Yankees years ago. Both men were kind enough to visit the Illinois Veteran's Home here in Quincy and talk baseball with the veterans who resided there. I was asked to M.C. the event along with my late friend John Tripp. John and I both grew up in New York and were Yankee fans for life because of it. So for us to be with two former Yankees, we thought we went to heaven and back that day. Hank had friends that he made here in Quincy years ago while he played here in the minor leagues. Bill came to Quincy to be with his uncle who was a resident at the Veteran's Home. Both were great guys and genuinely were glad to spend time with these vets and their families. For Bill it hit home directly since he had a family member living there. Bill "Moose" Skowron was a big guy but was never any bigger than that wonderful day he came to Quincy. He talked baseball and then more baseball. Oh the stories both men told. John and I were so glad we were asked to be a part of that day. We took many of those stories and retold them in the days after that. Unfortunately, John passed away two years ago. Hank passed away in 2007 and Bill passed away last Friday. All three men may be gone but thanks to that wonderful day a few years ago all three will continue to live on. Thanks John. Thank you Hank, and thanks "Moose".