A few months ago officials decided to change North 36th Street from two to one lane in both directions.  Its my understanding it was done to accommodate the expected additional traffic flow due to a new school being build in the area. So the lane change was made. After it happened, the decision was made not to build the new school at it's initial site and build the new school instead at 48th and Columbus Road. Yet the changes for North 36th Street still remain as one lane north and southbound.

The northbound lane goes from two to one lane several hundred yards prior to getting to the opening to Wavering Park. This is my question. For safety reasons, why not reconstruct the lanes to include a turn lane for north and south-bound traffic wanting to get into the park?

Currently, it is one lane with no turn lane available in either direction. Personally, I think it would be a safer park entrance if they would create turn lanes at the park entrance. It's just a thought.