I have a wee bit of German blood in me but I did grow up in a German neighborhood as a kid in Brooklyn, New York so when I came to Quincy I really enjoyed going to Strassenfest in the State and 8th area. The crowds were large and the people were all having a great time.  With time the event lost some of its flair and if I remember right it moved for a short while to the Adams County Fair Grounds.  The German Village Society has been the backbone for keeping the event going over the years in South Park until today.  In a story written by good friend Rodney Hart of the Quincy Herald Whig it was announced that the society will disband and Germanfest will not be held. The main reason was lack of membership in the Society according to the Whig's story. Other factors in my estimation are the weather which always seemed to be 100 degrees on both days, competition with other events like Gems Baseball and Blues in the District on those nights, and lack of parking in South Park to accommodate the elderly who did attend. I can't think of anyone who would want this event to come to an end after 42 years.  Therefore, I suggest the following. Hold it in October and change the name.  Call it Octoberfest and have it at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.  If the weather is nice, its outside.  If not, move it inside.  This still doesn't solve the problem of the German Village Society not having enough members to run it. Perhaps after today's news, people will step forward and rejuvenate this great event. German-Americans in Quincy, where are you?