Two of popular music's more intriguing characters, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly have joined forces in the name of hit making.

The two unveiled their song 'Do What U Want' at the 2012 American Music Awards and have already hit #13 on the American pop charts. Meanwhile the song is now becoming a hit on Adult Contemporary radio.

Stefani Germanotta, or Lady Gaga is easily the Madonna of our time. Through flamboyant costumes, infectious songs and a natural eye for the spot light, she has racked up hit after hit after hit since bursting onto the scene in 2008. Whether she has the staying power of Madonna is yet to be seen, but she's certainly been noticed in her time atop the pop music world so far.

Robert Sylvester Kelly, or R. Kelly, has a much longer resume than Lady Gaga, having scored a #1 hit clear back in 1993 with 'Bump And Grind.' While he's been around ever since, his chart success has been hit and miss. His last top 10 hit on the pop charts came with 2003's 'Step In The name Of Love,' although he has been more successful on the R & B charts.

'Do What U Want' is our New Music 101 spotlight song of the week. Watch the AMA performance below and vote on how you like it.