Back when I was just a kid, Mom and Dad would take me to a place called Nebo.

Nebo, Illinois is a real place with real people. Nebo is a place I remember fondly. When you are a youngster you remember places like Nebo just because it was a little different than other places.

The town itself is small, maybe 100 people. This past summer, Nebo did a very special thing that has helped bond the people together. Somehow this little town built a memorial to the veterans who were from Nebo. They raised the money themselves. It took a few years to raise the money, but they did it.

Now, the Memorial to the veterans who were born there has a home. It is such a great site to see all the names on that memorial, including my dad, that I go there from time to time and visit him and the other vets. Just knowing that my dad's name is on that memorial makes me so very proud of not only my dad, but the town of Nebo, as well, for taking the time and money to honor these veterans. I am a very proud son of a vet.