Ever since I began blogging I have been worried about my ability to spell everything correctly even with spell check. Now that I have been doing the "Blog-Thing" I have become more and more confident that I could never be a part of the Scripp's National Spelling Bee that is being held today in Washington, D.C. Dennis Oliver and I were talking about this on the air this morning and we both agree that these kids are amazing. They spell words I have never even heard of and do it with so much confidence. I love it when they are thinking about it and then they ask the judge to use it in a sentence. I would be lucky to be able to even pronounce the word no less to use it in a sentence. I guess I wouldn't make a good judge. When I was growing up the longest word was (are you ready for this) "antidisestablishmentarianism". My spell check says I am wrong but the word is too long for it to correct me. So without proof from spell check I guess I made it though the first round of my own spelling bee. Usually it's not long words that throw me off it's usually words like "cat" or "dog" that catch me. Always want to add another g to dogg and a k for kat. See I just did it again.