Anyone who knows me knows I will never be a poster child for NASCAR. It is not one of my favorite sports to watch.

At my usual hangout I am constantly complaining about all the TV’s being on a NASCAR race. Let me begin by saying I do have an appreciation for these drivers going 150 plus miles an hour and doing so inches away from someone’s bumper. I don’t like to be within 4 car lengths of the car in front of me when I am driving 70 miles an hour.  It seems to me that this sport is turning into roller derby on tires. You have a team member “blocking” someone else to keep him (or her…sorry Danica Patrick) from passing you. Then it always seems to me that the final ten laps become a demolition derby which is really what everybody watches for on ALL the TVs.  Last year it was Tony Stewart vs. Carl Edwards chasing each other for the title for the last 4 weeks of the season. Then low and behold in the final race to determine a winner with some 35 drivers in the field guess who finished first and second and inches apart at the checkered flag? Tony Stewart followed by Carl Edwards. This sport is rigged! It’s fixed for TV ratings and it worked last year and works each week..