When I went to grade school we had to have a box of crayons on our school supply list for each year. So off to the store my parents would go to purchase those supplies, including the crayons. Crayons came in a yellow and green box and included blue, green, brown, yellow, red, orange, black and purple colors.

I was reading the Parade Magazine the other day and there was a small story about the 110th anniversary of Crayola, the maker of crayons. As part of their anniversary celebration they are asking for the public to provide them with future names for crayons, in addition to the names Crayola came up with. Crayola's new names are "Ladybug" for red, "Night Owl" for brown, "Freshly Squeezed" for orange, "Freckle" for black, "Sunny Side Up" for yellow, "Jalapeno" for green, "BeYOUtiful Blue", and "Peace, Love & Purple".

Think of the ramifications of this? Before you know it people will be asking their car dealer for a "jalapeno" Jeep while wearing their "freshly squeezed" dress and standing next to the car salesman with the "sunny side up" tie and "freckled" shoes.

Whatever happened to red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, black and brown? I guess these are a kinder, gentler crayon. I can't wait for the public's input. My God, what has the world come to?