I was at home one evening when one of our dogs came up to me and jumped up on my lap. This is a small dog so he sits on my lap real good. His name is Scooter. As Scooter and I were watching a commercial about Subaru cars, four dogs came on the television screen. Scooter perked up his ears. His little eyes were glued to the flat screen. He did not move. He was watching what the dogs on the big screen were doing.

Yes, I now have a television watching dog.

Now what will I do? Do I keep him away from the television? Should I have "television time" for Scooter. Like one hour a week? Should I set rules for Scooter to watch television? I don't want him to become fat and lazy in front of the big screen (like me). Should I put him on a limit for television watching?

I just hope he likes Cardinal baseball games on television. Now if he could only fetch me a beer now and then...

Big Cheese Photo