Mother's Day is coming up on May 12. It's a hard day to plan and shop for because moms always say that they'll "love anything." We all know that moms do not "love anything," even though they insist that they will. So what do you do? Here are a few idea starters.

1. Go for a paddle boat ride in Moorman Lake.

If the weather on Mother's Day allows, a paddle boat ride could be a great activity for families. Paddle boat rentals are available at Moorman Lake in Moorman Park. Youth 12 and under must ride with an adult (over 18 years old).The cost is $7.25/hour or $4.75 for 30 minutes.

2. Go for a picnic.

You could have a picnic in Moorman Park right after your paddle boat ride! Or, if the boat idea doesn't thrill you, there are several other parks all around Quincy that would be great settings for a family picnic. Just make sure that Mom isn't allowed to do any of the work. It should be entirely up to Dad and the kids to make the preparations...or the deli at the grocery store.

Kurt Parsons

3. Take Mom shopping.

Rather than take a chance on a gift she won't like (even though she insists she'll "love anything"), and rather than take the lazy way out with a gift certificate, how about packing up the family for a shopping day for Mom. Not a standard shopping trip for groceries and supplies, but a shopping trip to all the places that Mom loves to go on her own. She'll appreciate that her family is willing to suck it up and spend time with her while she goes to all of her favorite places.

4. Send Dad and the kids out of the house!

Sometimes moms just need a break! Dads, you might want to think about letting mom have some time to relax. Take the kids for the day and get out of the way. Scotties Fun Spot or Going Bonkers are great places for something like this. If you choose this option, make sure you come home with a great gift.


The most important thing about Mother's Day is to make sure that whatever you plan on doing or whatever you plan on buying, keep it specific to your particular mom. If your mom hates the great outdoors, don't go for the paddle boat ride. If she's not much of a jewelry girl (yes, they exist), pick a different gift. Maybe Mom would like to go to Quincy Raceways. They've got racing scheduled for Mother's Day. Hopewell Winery is having a Mother's Day brunch with live music from 11 - 3. 'The Rainmaker' is showing at Quincy Community Theater through May 11 (the day before Mother's Day), so that's an option, too.

Whatever you do, DON'T do just anything.