If you haven't heard the 'Marry Me Monday' segment during the Y101 Morning Show you need to. During the program at 7:25 a.m. on Mondays, Sheri Busse of Emerald City Jewelers joins me and we talk about the latest in the jewelry business and then share a submitted wedding or anniversary story. The first few have been very interesting to listen to. Some deal with how they were proposed to and others deal with their wedding day.

If we read your story, you will get a gift certificate from Emerald City Jewelers. Last Monday's winner was Danielle Rossiter of Quincy. Here is Danielle's story:

Our engagement/wedding wasn't a crazy, out there idea you see today, but definitely made for some interesting moments! For our engagement my husband went traditional. He proposed in front if all my family on Thanksgiving of 2008.He said "what are you thankful for?" Me, being engrossed in survivor said, "glad Kelleys alive." My dog was recently hit by a car. He then says oh thats good. And proceeds to say my name. It takes me a minute to pry myself from the tv as I turn around to find him there with a ring. I was surprised and of course said yes!

So a year later, October 17, 2009, it was the big day. Murphys law was definitely in effect. We didn't have the hall decorated and we didn't have the food done for the reception. I didn't have my DIY infant to now photo album/guest sign in book for the wedding done. I was not dressed, no make up, no hair done no nails done....all three hours before the wedding was to take place.

The hall and food got done by my wonderful family. The book? I kinda said screw it and threw out there half way done and I went to get my nails done. Big mistake. I only wanted them painted, nothing fancy. I waited 'til half an hour before the wedding when Star Nails realised oh my goodness! You're getting married! We have to hurry! So they hurried up everything and I flew out the door to get my dress on, my hair done, and make up done.

Yes in half an hour time frame. I get to my mother's house and put my dress on only to realise I'd gained a few pounds and it barely fit. Then I have about five people trying to do my hair, my make up, put my shoes on me etc. All the while I was texting my husband who was at the wedding waiting with guests and bridal party...except for the bridesmaids who were with me.

Finally, we get done with our rushed attempts on stuff, cram me and my three bridesmaids into my tiny Honda Accord and bolt for South Park...where the wedding was taking place.

Did I mention we were half an hour late at this point??? Yes, I showed up late to my own wedding. A fourth the guests had already left as well. We get there and the wedding takes place. Yes my wonderful husband waited for me. After the wedding was over, we realised the big fancy Hawaiian bouquet I ordered was forgotten and now a big waste of money.

But, here we are almost four years later, still married, happy as can be, and getting ready to have our second child. I think the country song "Waiting on a Woman" is most appropriate for my husband then and always!!!

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