Marry Me Monday airs each week at 7:25 a.m. on Y101. We are always looking for fun engagement, wedding and anniversary stories, and if we use your story on the air, you'll win a $25 gift card to Emerald City Jewelers in Quincy!

This week's winning story was sent in by Brandy from Quincy:

Matt and I have been together for almost SEVEN years. Our families had about given up on the wedding prospects. We had looked at rings and I had picked out what I wanted. The only thing left for Matt to do was ASK me! However, I might have told him some things in the course of seven years that led to this being much more stressful for him than what it should have been. Matt - Don't ask on a holiday...Matt - Do not ask in front of friends or family...Matt - Don't even think about asking on a scoreboard at a sporting event... So maybe, looking back, he felt a TINY bit of pressure to get it just right. We took a trip to the quad cities Fourth of July weekend. I thought maybe Matt would ask on the trip. He didn't. I even thought he might have asked under Fourth of July fireworks, even though I said no holidays, but he didn't. So that Sunday we headed to our family farm for one of o ur Sunday evening gatherings. Matt and I were actually the first to arrive and everyone else was running late. Matt said, 'Lets go take a walk.' We walked from the house down the lane to the barn and I asked if we could get the 4 wheelers. He said, 'No. Let's just walk' - I think that's wierd but whatever. We walked down to the pond and I was thinking it was nice just to take a walk together and then Matt said...'I hope this is OK.' Then he got down on one knee, pulled out my beautiful ring, and said 'Brandy, will you marry me?' I admit I cried a bit and said (and I quote), 'Are you sure?', LOL. Leave it to me to ruin a perfect moment... Needless to say I said YES! Later Matt told me that he carried that ring in his pocket all over the quad cities that weekend but nowhere felt like the right place to ask. I agree, it was absolutely perfect! And now 15 months later we are so ready for our September wedding and Happily Ever After!"

Marry Me Monday Winner - August 26