The Quincy Exchange Club is actively addressing a major concern about the Gus Macker 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament which is set for May 24 and 25. That concern is the officiating that has taken place over the years, which has led to some "rough" play on the courts. That major concern was addressed and the Exchange Club has done away with volunteer court officials called "Gus Busters." This year's tournament will have registered officials working on all youth and adult courts.

These registered officials on the high school and collegiate level are trained officials who will be able to keep the games from getting too physical.  The goal is to have a competitive and friendly tournament in all age categories and this move will go a long way to achieving just that.

The time to register your team for this year's event is now. The deadline tio register is May 2 through the mail and May 5 online. To register, go to