Would it be going too far to say that Lorde is the biggest act in all of music? Maybe, but not by much. 'Royals' is such a big hit, everyone's singing it, and by everyone, we mean other musicians. 'Royals' is so successful that when people like Jason Derulo, or country music's Craig Campbell (what?) cover the song, it makes headlines. Lorde is still a teenager, but already she's hit the top of the charts in the U.S., her native New Zealand, Canada, Belgium, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Scottland, Venezuela and the UK. Maybe she is the biggest act in all of music...In 2014, Lorde will be performing in St. Louis!

Fiona Goodall, Getty Images

Lorde is booked for a concert at the Peabody Opera House (right next to the Scottrade Center) on March 20. Unfortunately, it looks like tickets to the show are going to be hard to come by. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that tickets sold out on the first day they went on sale.

Ticketmaster is displaying a message that says "No tickets available right now... sometimes tickets from the venue may become available closer to the event."

Maybe we'll luck out?

Lorde is also scheduled to appear in Chicago on March 18, and Kansas City on March 21. Searching online for tickets to both of those shows results in similar "no tickets available at this time" messages.