My good friend Steve Eighinger at the Herald Whig wrote in his Business Notebook column in Sunday's paper a very interesting story about just how many millionaires there are in Illinois and other states as well. The total is eye-popping. According to Steve's story, the research firm of Phoenix Marketing International in Rhinebeck, New York, shows Illinois now has 280,265 millionaires.  Steve, being the humble guy that he is, did not declare if he was one of those people. The Illinois total is up over 5% from the previous year.

According to the article the top ten states with millionaires within their borders is headlined by California with 772,555.  The top ten is listed below.

1.California 772,555

2. Texas 490,634

3.New York 437,888

4.Florida 383,390

5.Illinois 280,265

6. Pennsylvania 275.791

7. New Jersey 237,064

8 Ohio 224,667

9. Virginia 215,451

10 Michigan 188,704