When I started in radio AM was king and the FM came along and overtook it's amplitude modulation brother. Deep down in me is an AM radio fan.  I love the ability to listen to stations from all over the country and beyond.

I know I can do that on the internet, but to get in my car a turn the radio on and go from St. Louis to New Orleans, Denver to Cleveland,  Minneapolis to Dallas with the push of a button is exciting to me (I know, it doesn't take much to get me excited).

In recent years there have been reports that car manufacturers are thinking about dropping AM capable radios from the new cars coming out.  What a huge mistake that would be. Well, yesterday morning my fears were somewhat diminished as the Ford Motor Company, which has embraced the digital radio scene, announced that it has no plans to cut the number of bands on the dashboard radio in half as was previously thought. Alan Hall, a spokesperson for Ford, said "There are no plans to disband the AM frequency in Ford vehicles".

This information comes on the heels of Porsche revealing earlier this month that they are discontinuing the AM band in their vehicles. Thank you Ford for keeping the AM band available. Hopefully, GM and the others will follow Ford's way of thinking.

Long live amplitude modulation (AM) radio. It's frequency modulation (FM) brother is great, but it's older brother still has a place in radio listener-ship.