We are in the midst of multiple college football bowl games for the next few weeks. There will be plenty of games to watch on TV including tonight's "San Diego County CU Poinsettia Bowl" in San Diego, California where B.Y.U. will play Wyoming.  The game can be seen on ESPN at 8pm CST tonight.

I will have the game on TV but will not be watching the players.  Instead I will watch the "Line Judge".  That's right, the "Line Judge" because he happens to be Quincy's own Ric Hinkamper.

He's been on ESPN before officiating games including some Big Ten games in front of 105,000 people (Ohio State).  Hinkamper, a Quincy Notre Dame graduate, is definitely an up and coming official in the college football ranks.

Not bad for a guy who was told years ago he wasn't good enough to officiate an I.H.S.A. playoff game. Wow, has he proved them wrong!

I have always watched the players in a televised game, but when you know one of the officials you tend to watch for him instead of the players. It's always fun to watch a national event especially when you know someone is a part of it.

Congratulations Ric. Upon further review, I'll be watching for you tonight.