Hello, my name is Samantha and I am a shopaholic. Man, I can't tell you how that feels saying. I love to shop, but even better I love to shop LOCAL. 

There are several businesses to shop in Quincy from the big box stores to the "mom & pop" stores. There are amazing local shops and restaurants that consumers seem to forget about. Quincy and Hannibal have great downtown businesses that take the time to help you find exactly what you are looking for and don't work on commission. They truly want to help you look and feel the best.

So I say lets take it upon ourselves to give these businesses a chance to not only succeed, but to bring more of a local feel to the area. It is up to YOU, the consumer, to make these businesses strive. I am making it my personal goal this year to not only shop local, but to eat local as well. Here are a few of my favorite local stops that you may have missed...

  • Premier Diva

    Located at 115 North 4th in Quincy, this is the perfect place to get leggings, handbags, gift items, and so much more. The customer service you get from Premier Diva is top notch. Owner, Gerilynn Morrison, will help you find the perfect outfit for going out on the town, working out, or even chillin' at home. She has every type of leggings you can think of and will help you mix and match for all occasions. It's the perfect place to feel like diva.

    Townsquare Media Photo - Sam
  • Thyme Square Cafe

    Located at 500 Hampshire in Quincy, this family-owned and operated restaurant will give you a taste of locally-grown produce. Their specialties are dishes prepared in-house using exclusively fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced products. By the way, their chicken sandwich is to die for. Open for breakfast and lunch, this cafe is the perfect place to eat.

    Townsquare Media Photo - Sam
  • For Home and Her

    Here's another local shop where you'll get excellent customer service. Located at 644 Maine in Quincy, this is a great store to grab the girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon and go shopping. Not only will you find home decor, but they also offer women's apparel and accessories. They will make sure you AND your home are stylin'.

    Townsquare Media Photo - Sam
  • The Park Bench / Revelry

    Located at 119 North 4th in Quincy, they serve breakfast and lunch daily. This is a great gathering place for anyone who wants to eat locally. From freshly baked muffins, to hand-crafted sandwiches and salads, you will not be disappointed with anything you eat at the Park Bench. At night, make plans to head to Revelry; the perfect place to grab a drink after work or a glass of wine with the girls. They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays to make you ease into the weekend.

    Ben Braun
  • Grown - N - Gathered

    You can't get any more locally grown then Grown - N - Gathered. Located at 601 Maine St, it's the perfect place to get local produce and food among other tasty treats. They prioritize local foods while focusing on fueling your health. Stop by and try their Sushi Mondays or their locally roasted coffee and juices to get your day going right.

    Ben Braun (Townsquare Media)