The Second snow storm here in Quincy did not turn out to be very big, but it did bring enough snow to get the sled out.

Where do you go sledding in your town? Here in Quincy there's South Park, with a very big hill to go down. You can make a fire in one of the fire pits and warm up.

John Moore, Getty Images

When I was younger and worked on the farm in Pittsfield, Ill. we did not us sleds, we used car hoods. Yes, the farmer I worked for was great. After we would get the chores done for the day, we would go down a very big hill just outside Pittsfield and we would use a car hood.

The farmer had many used cars out on the farm so we would take the hood off one of them and go sledding down a very big hill out in the country. That was so much fun. The cars back then were made out of very strong metal so we couldn't tear it up too much. And if we did tear it up, we would just go get another car hood and have some more fun.