The City of Quincy is thinking about lighting the Bayview Bridge. I must admit, I think it is a great idea.

It is a beautiful bridge. It commands your attention when you see it and when you drive over it. The lighting of Bayview Bridge would draw people from all over the area to see it which, in turn, would bring in more people  to shop and spend time in Quincy and yes, maybe even in West Quincy.

But what about poor Memorial Bridge? I am sure it would like to be in the spotlights too. So maybe we could wrap some Christmas lights around Memorial bridge so it won't feel bad. And what about the little bridge that goes over the bay, just up stream from Bayview. The one that goes over to the boat docks. I'm sure it would like some lights on it too. So bring on the bulbs and let's get to work. We have some bulbs to put in the sockets.