Ever since a referendum passed to build a new jail in Adams County there has been conversation as to where it should be built, can the City of Quincy be a part of it by locating the Police Department on that site, and how it should be built.

We now know that the likely location of the jail will be downtown at its current site but as of today without the city police department renting space, although behind the scenes conversations may still make that a possibility.  The building process would likely include the request by the county to the city to close 6th street to enable the construction process to happen.

The county plans on acquiring additional property east of the courthouse on 6th Street to be a part of the new jail complex.  Is that necessary? What would be the problem with building an 8 or 10 story jail complex?  Build it up and not out! No need to acquire additional property.

If the City and County don’t agree to a lease agreement to house the police station in the new building, then the City should take the $5 million package offer to the county and invest it in a new police station. That new police station could be built perhaps adjacent to the proposed jail site with a tunnel under 6th Street connecting the two buildings. Just me thinking out of the box again!