The Board of Directors and Executive Search Committee of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts have announced the appointment of Laura Sievert as the new Executive Director of Arts Quincy.

“Laura brings a wealth of marketing and operations experience to our organization, and is excited to put it to great use in supporting our Partner Organizations,” said Board President Mariann Tsilis Barnard.

“I am so honored to be a part of the QSFA mission to grow the fine arts, performing arts and arts education organizations in Quincy,” said Sievert. “Quincy has so much to be proud of within the arts umbrella. I strongly believe in the role robust arts programming has in the social and economic development of a city.  I’ve participated in Arts Quincy member organizations for as long as I can remember, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer strategic leadership to continue the fine tradition of Arts Quincy for the next generation. I’m looking forward to working to meet the goals our partners have for participation, attendance, revenue generation and more.”

Sievert is coming to the organization from Kirlin’s Hallmark, where she served as marketing director. The University of Iowa alumna is actively involved in the Quincy Bike Club and is a founding member of the Get Active, Be Safe Coalition.

Sievert, who replaces Lenny Bart who left the position weeks ago, will join Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Burgundy Ramsey, and Office Manager, Dawn Reckers, along with the 19 member QSFA Board beginning May 12th.