Our next to last Y101 Backyard BBQ of the summer is tonight with our host Amy Peters and her invited guests. These things are so much fun to do, plus there is free food if you are one of the lucky ones to be invited.

We have one more to go on August 30th. So start getting your ideas together because our BBQ judges love a great entry. Why would you would like to win a Y101 Backyard BBQ? Get your ideas together. Have fun with your entries, make it stand out and you could be the winner of our final Backyard  BBQ for the summer of 2012. Good Luck. And Thank you to all the people who have sent in entries so far.

THANK YOU to all the sponsors that help us year after year, like Refreshment Services Pepsi, TCBY, Riverside Smoke House, Frito Lay, Hinkamper Ice and First Bankers Trust. THANK YOU THANK YOU from Y101!