Dogs can have a great day or a bad day. If it is a bad dog day, it could hurt. A bad dog day could result in serious injury or even death. We are talking 4.7 million dog bite victims each year.

In 2012, State Farm had 3,670 dog bite claims and paid more than $108 million as a result of dog bites. This is a slight decrease compared to the number of dog bite claims in 2011 with a total of 3,750 and a slight decrease in the amount paid as a result of dog bite claims in 2011 which was $109 million.

Because dog bites continue to be a serious health and safety issue, State Farm has joined the National Dog Bite Prevention Week Coalition to reinforce the importance of pet owner responsibility for continued public education regarding dog bite prevention.

Is there a new baby in the house? If so, the American Humane Association offers a free booklet called 'Pet Meets Baby' that provides families with information on introducing a new child to a home with a dog.