I'm just sitting in my office here at Y101 radio and trying to think of some good blogging stuff. Nothing about politics, war, gas prices or any of that stuff. Just fun stuff.

Things that you remember from your past and bring back great memories. So let's try this. By the way, this is not for any prizes or anything like that. It is just a memory shaker.

Frazer Harrison

How many of you remember this? Let's go back to the movie "National Lampoon's Vacation. The stars of the movie were: The mom, Beverly D'angelo, the kids in the movie were played by Dana Barron and Anthony Michael Hall, but...what movie star played the dad?

Bonus points if you can tell us who played Cousin Eddie. It is all for fun, no prizes. I guess the prize is if you got it right, pat yourself on the back. It is just nice to go back and remember the fun moments that we have seen in our lives.

Good luck!