So here it is….2018. Everyone was yelling out “Happy New Year” Sunday night. Do you really think they meant it? Wouldn’t  it mean more if people just conveyed their feelings to you about the new year exactly the way they are thinking. Like, “Hey Jeff, I hope your new year goes ok” or “Enjoy the new year”.

Yelling Happy New Year in my ear just isn’t cutting it anymore . It's time for "Happy New Year" to go away. It's not working. For those who genuinely want your year to go well can just say, “man I hope 2018 goes really well for you”.  For those who are a pessimist, they can just say “Boy I hope this year isn’t as bad as last year”.  Just leave the Happy part out.

It seems like everything is changing these days, so maybe we should change our salutations for New Year’s Day as well. With that said, and until it happens, Happy New Year everyone!