If you are the kind of person who worries too much you could always consult your doctor, go to a Psychologist, or maybe you should save your money and time and just read this. I got home from work the other night and I turned the TV on to watch the news of the day at 5:30. In that thirty minute time period I watched a story about a police officer being shot, the civil war in Syria, Donald Trump verbalizing about Hillary Clinton and Clinton verbalizing against Trump.

In between all of these stories were commercials for every kind of ailment out there and the remedy needed for it.  After 30 minutes of that, I almost lost my appetite for dinner that night. Oh yes, there is a pill for that too!

If you watch the news regularly it would make you worry about everything going on in the world these days. So maybe Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman had it right all along when he would say "What, Me Worry?"

Perhaps we should all follow Alfred's advice and stop worrying about things we cannot control. We might all be better for it.