Get your cotton candy face on cause it is time for the fair!

One of the first fairs to open this month is the one in Griggsville, Illinois. The Western Illinois Fair. It runs from June 26 - June 30 and this is a special one because it is the 125th year for the fair. .As a young kid from nearby Pittsfield, my mother and father would take me up to the fair and of course ride the rides. But the thing I remember most about the fair were the dare devil cars. The drivers of these cars were amazing. They would do stunts right in front of the grandstand. You could almost touch the cars as they went by right in front of the grandstand. I lived for the dare devil cars. I could not wait to go to the fair and watch these men do tricks with their cars. Yes, it was dangerous, but we didn't care. These days, you could not put on that kind of show on the track right in front of the grandstand.

But now, the folks in Griggsville have the bus demolition derby. Yes, they tear up old school busses. They run into each other and the last bus still running wins. Great country fun.