I am amazed how many people do not wear seat belts when driving. It's a DUH moment.

If you are not a seat belt wearing driver, be ready to get pulled over and get a nice ticket from the Illinois State Police. A ticket that can be avoided by simply wearing your seat belt. And if you don't, you WILL get pulled over, you WILL  get a ticket and you WILL pay.

As we go into the summertime, more people are on the roads. And if you are going over the speed limit, sooner or later, you will see red and blue lights in your mirror. And get this, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration, those least likely to be buckled up are teens. We have to get it into the heads of teens that seat belts do save lives..period.

It's Click It or Ticket time on Illinois roads. The message is very simple, you get in the car and you buckle up. I don't care if it is not cool or if the seatbelt is not comfortable.  CLICK IT OR TICKET.