They say that people on meth sometimes do the same things over and over, which is why I believe that Mother Nature is on meth. This pattern of one snowfall after another needs to come to an end. Spring arrived last week, but driving around the area yesterday it sure didn't look like spring.

I spent part of my day shoveling my driveway, removing snow from my sidewalk, and dreaming of being in a warmer climate. As I write this, I find myself torn as to which way I really feel about snow. I grew up in upstate New York and had a lifetime of snow already. So if I don't ever see a snowflake again it won't bother me.

On the other hand, in a few months I will be writing about how I can't stand it when the temperature gets to be 90 plus with high humidity. If I had to chose, hot or cold, I would take the cold. I can always add clothing to get warm, but I can only take so much off before the cops show up.

So I guess I am venting here but I am not alone today.  there are plenty of people who are saying the same thing.  "Enough is enough."