So you are traveling down the highway with the widows down and the tunes up. It is a beautiful day to take a ride in the car with you and your sweetheart. You have the tank full of gas and you have no worries at all. Just you, your sweetie and the breeze. What song would you be playing?

Something romantic? Something loud? Something you two can agree on? What song would you just love to hear as you go down the road?

Dynamic Graphics recently commissioned a survey to determine the ten best songs to listen to while driving. The best driving music is classic rock, particularly Journey, according to this survey. See what you think of their Top 5:

Number 5: 'Life Is A Highway' - Tom Cochrane

Number 4: 'Any Way You Want It' - Journey

Number 3: 'You Shook Me All NIght Long' - AC/DC

Number 2: 'Bohemian Rhapspdy' - Queen

Number 1: 'Don't Stop Believin' - Journey also came up with the worst songs to listen to while driving, a list that includes 'Who Let the Dogs Out?,' 'We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together' and 'Caribbean Queen.'

What do you think of these selections? What would be your top songs to listen to while driving?