I just recieved my "8 Tips for Gutter Cleaning" info. I did not know I was going to get it.

But now that I have it, it means the wife will prod me to get up on the roof and clean those gutters. And the people who sent it to me gave me some good tips for good gutter cleaning.

1 - Let someone know you are cleaning the gutters..that makes sense.

2 - Use a safe and secure ladder.

3 - rake leaves off the roof first.

4 - Wear rubber-soled shoes when walking on the roof.

5 - Use a plastic gutter scoop.

6 - Wear gloves and proper eyewear.

7 - Unclog downspouts.

8 - Watch out for hazardous power lines.

All of this is very good advice. Now if I can come up with some excuse to get me out of this gutter work, I will have it made.

Happy guttering, everybody!