Prom and Graduation is upon us, and District 20 Troopers will be watching.

The Illinois State Police want to modify teen driving behaviors which include distractions, carelessness, fatigue and inexperience. These behaviors, when combined with drugs or alcohol can be lethal. Their goal during the prom season is in the word PROM, "Please Return On Monday." DUI, Speeding, Seat Belt and Distracted Driving make up the Fatal Four violations that police are trying to eliminate.

Catherine Yeulet

It is just common sense, you would think, but sometimes the thinking part is not there. Please help us ensure memories of this year's prom and graduation are positive ones. It's simple, buckle up and don't use alcohol or drugs. One driving fatality is one too many.

How do I know? One of my family members died on May 10, 2006. It was a Sunday morning on a county road south of Quincy. I can still hear the screams of family members who could not believe it was true. Mark Bocke was a great young man and we miss him every day. When it hits home, it hits forever. God bless you, Mark.